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We have had a lot of great feedback from our customers about how our Zea Relief products have helped enhance their lives. Keep reading to learn more about some of the experiences and success stories our Zea Lovers have had over the years:
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True relief

Very happy with my purchase, really helps relieve the pain in my knee. Definitely recommend this product

Aching Knees

I rub this on my knees after I shower at least twice a day.It’s been great no knee pain.Helps me sleep at night with no knee problem.

Kunzea Products

I started with the Kunzea Cream, then decided on the Natural Relief Pack and love everything especially the Kunzea Balm. When I use the Healing & Purifying essential oil the aroma is uplifting just like being in the bush ...I am now considering the Lifestyle essential blends ...thank you

Kunzea Roll On

Brilliant easy to use smells wonderful and relieves the pain not totally but really does help and it’s non greasy, will be buying the cream too highly recommended this product

Handy bunch

Love how many came in my pack.

Several products

Kunzea cream helps muscles balm has helped dry skin massage oil gives great relief cream also great for dry skin love these products. I have osteoarthritis & had 2 knee & 2 hip replacements. Found these products better than over counter products

When oils matter

I really love my new little products I bought from sea relief. Powerful oils with great scents. Can’t wait to try other products on my next order.

80% Less Pain Medications

My wife was taking 300 mg of Lyrica each day for pain relief for a bad back and arthritis in various joints. Within one week of commencing using Kunzea Pain Relief Cream twice daily, she now only needs 50mg of Lyrica. Enough said. It's great. We wish we had known of this little ripper Aussie product years ago.

Sweet orange essential oil

An uplifting, citrus oil that creates a happy atmosphere when used in a diffuser. A wonderful oil for helping to combat feelings of stress and depression.
Blends well with patchouli and also clove oil.

Great Improvement

The Kunzea Cream gave me a quick and amazing improvement in the ache from my 2 torn rotator cuffs. It is gradually making a difference to the arthritis in my hands.

Go Kunzea

Very good product in cream, oil and roll on. I use all 3 for pain relief.

Kunzea roll on

After trying the roll on for my pain in my neck I was very happy to get results pretty quick so have also ordered the kunzea cream.

Amazing relief

I have suffered from severe osteo arthritis in my hands for 2 years,after using Zea relief for 2 days I noticed improvement,after 1 week swelling and pain are gone.I fractured my elbow 2yrs ago,had pain ever since ,since using Zea relief that pain has almost gone too.I highly recommend this product.

Looking for relief

I am trying this stuff it for muscle aches, so I can sleep. The tube of cream is rather gentle for me, by way of relief, so I also got the oil in a bottle to mix in with the cream, for a stronger "dose". It works, but my only wish is the relief would last longer. Probably lasts me about 4 hours then wears off. But as far as natural goes, beats those other named brands like dencorub or the one with aspirin in it. Am happier to be using something natural rather than chemical.

Amazing product

These products are amazing . I suffer from arthritic joints and still live a very active life . I'm able to get up in the morning and get on with all the activities I'm involved in without having to take oral pain relief . Love your products

Gorgeous aroma

I love the smell of this tree, and now I can have it in my home! A much more gentle eucalyptus smell, which blends perfectly with other Australian native essential oils.

Smells wonderful

I love the fresh smell of citrus and this lemon oil in the diffuser sends a lovely aroma throughout the home.


i have been using their products and it's has been amazing on my skin

Sea for Me

Firstly I’m pleased to be supporting an Australian owned family company. I use the products daily and certainly get relief from my aches and pains. I use the cream, balm and roll on and pleased that I purchased the cream in bulk size. The essential lavender oil is a must buy. I am extremely satisfied with these fabulous products.

Kunzea Cream works like majic!

They say life begins at 40’s, buy for me “Pains begins at 40’s”
All my joints are in constant pain but I don’t wanna take pain relievers because of the fear of damaging my kidneys. So I decided to just endure the pains and it did not do me any good. Now that I have tried Kunzea Cream for the first time, I can tell that it really works for me. I apply it before any physical activity and it works like majic. Just wondering how the oil works, I might give it a try as well.


I was skeptical at first but after buying I’m totally loving this. I’ve even bought some for my family

Kenzea Cream

I recently had a full knee replacement operation on my right leg. The recovery is going well but can be very painful with a constant throbbing pain in the knee at times. I have bought this cream for my husband and ended up using it myself. It eases the stiffness in my knee and also seems to take away the pain. I use it a lot now.

I honestly depend on Zea’s range daily. Favouriting Kunzea, Third Eye and the Meditation blend. They have become a part of my daily rituals. To heal, soothe my physical, emotional and help me throughout my day.

Lovely scents especially when combined, you do need a few extra drops to get a deeper scent. Love it!!

Kunzea Cream- Bulk size (500g)

Great value for money on an amazing product