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We have had a lot of great feedback from our customers about how our Zea Relief products have helped enhance their lives. Keep reading to learn more about some of the experiences and success stories our Zea Lovers have had over the years:
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Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil
Geoff Surtees (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Good product

Having been using Zea cream for a number of years now I have begun using the Kunzea massage oil in conjunction with the cream & seems to have greater impact when used on a regular basis. Only 4-5 drops massaged into my knee then the cream is now my routine. As with other Zea products I am more than happy to endorse it.

Kunzea Roll On Liniment
Maryann Mintoff (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Pain relief

I use it at the back of my neck and knee. It is easy to use especially at the back of the neck.
I find that the Kunzea roll on liniment help with the arthritis in my neck and neck.

Magnesium Oil Topical Spray
Mark Kusabs (Auckland, AUK, NZ)

Brought this for my Elderley mum 87 , having severe back pain . Mum used this product and was very impressed , Helped relieve a fracture in her back that she didn’t know about until X-rays showed it and this really helped her so cheers for your wonderful Product helping my elderly mum

Kunzea Roll On Liniment
Kelvin Grace (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Highly recommended to anyone

My wife and I both use kunzea oil and it works on my arthritis and helps her fibromyalgia pain.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Value Pack)
Vanessa Shillabeer (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Heaven in a box

I am so in love with Zea products I bought a pain relief cream then a muscle balm then a liniment roll on. Now I have got a box of the pain relief it is so awesome I am majorly disabled and my doctor has even allowed me to go of some medications because of the way Zea products work. Thanks all

MAGZEA™ Sports Cooling Spray
Jordan Perko (Mandurah, WA, AU)
Miracle remedy

I always spray my aching legs after a daily walk with my husky puppy Maxon. Not long after I feel relief and loosening of muscle tension. For that reason I'm going to take the liberty of saying exactly what the greatest singer Tina Turner sang in one of her songs "you're simply the best". The last time I bought this product I gave it to my bestie who cannot praise it enough. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Value Pack)
Jelica Sormaz (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Amazing Products

The best pain relief that I have tried and can’t live without. Highly recommended! So nice to finally have a good nights sleep and not woken by pain. Thank you Zea!

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream
S.B. (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Epic pain relief.

I’ve been using Zea Relief for almost two months and I can say with confidence that Kunzea cream is life changing. I thought it was going to be like another “Deep Heat” style of medication, but I was wrong, this cream is completely different!!
Over the years I’ve had multiple motorcycle accidents and combined with a love of extreme sports, I now suffer from some serious joint pain (early stages of arthritis), especially in my left knee. I still try to live an active lifestyle and have a strong passion for land based fishing, which requires me to hike over some pretty unforgiving terrain. During a days hike my knee would slowly fill with fluid and become painful to the point where if I sat down or squatted, I would not be able to stand back up. I recently went on a fishing expedition to the Northern Tablelands for the last week of cod season. I hiked on average, 10km’s per day for six days straight. During this time I used zea relief twice a day on my knees and lower back. In the mornings the cream would help me to get mobility and flexibility back into my tired joints and muscles. The relief would usually keep me going till the mid afternoon (probably should have kept using it more throughout the day) when my knees would start to really hate me again. I would slowly limp back into camp on dusk and my knee would be blown up like a balloon, with virtually no articulation. 5 mins after rubbing some zea relief onto my sore joints, I was up dancing around the fire like a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow. The cream combats inflammation and joint fluid very well and also acts as a deep numbing pain relief for any joints or muscles that have been injured or damaged. I highly recommend Zea Relief as your new “Go To” pain relief cream!!! Excellent product!!!

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (Value Pack)
Stephen John LEE (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Great Pain Relief

The best pain relief I have ever tried. From lower back pain to shoulder pain Zea has been an enormous help.

Patchouli Essential Oil
Melanie Akhurst (Collector, NSW, AU)

We have a wood burning fire and we drop into a water pot on top to perfume the room and it's delightful.

Patchouli Essential Oil
Lyn Matthews (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Patchouli Oil..

I have been using Patchouli oil for at least 50 years, I love mixing it with my other perfumes in layers. The Zea Patchouli Oil is one of the best I have used,and made here in Australia is another huge + from me.

Concentrated Combo [Extra-Strength!]
Leanne Nunn-White (Perth, WA, AU)
Seems to work

I have only used the products a few times on the days when I know that the work I will be doing will aggravate my back, so I used the concentrated oil before I started work, and much later in the day, when I returned home and my back was aching, I used the cream. Over all, my back ache was not as severe, and it stopped aching shortly after I used the cream…so I think it works!

Kunzea Cream Duo
Alain Girardot (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Pain relief kunzea cream duo

Been using the pain relief cream for about a 2 weeks now and my knee has never felt better highly recommend and will continue to recommend this to all my friends and family

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream
C.T. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
Wonderful relief

I have tried many different creams on my knees and Zea cream gave me wonderful relief from my first application. I am on my feet a lot at work and it helps me get through the day.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream
Melinda Scott (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Oh Zea Relief!

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream is a great addition to my battle with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and an unstable shoulder. I’m unable to take oral anti-inflammatory medication so Zea is proving very effective when my shoulder is inflamed. The cream is long lasting and very soothing. I highly recommend this product.

Kunzea Muscle Revive Pack
Glenda Davis (Silverdale, NSW, AU)
Kunzea Pain Relief Cream - It's Magical!

I actually purchased this pack for my sister as a surprise. I gave her a tube of the Pain Relief Cream and she uses it every day as hand cream as she suffers with arthritic fingers and it gives her great relief. So I though she needed a bit more pampering and sent her this pack together with the large size Pump Pack Relief Cream, so she can take the tube with her everyday and has the pump pack at home and won't be running out of cream anytime soon! I use the Pain Relief Cream all the time for my osteo knees from years of skiing and netball which have taken their toll. This cream is a tube of magic and I wouldn't be without it. I put it on my knees before I go skiing and then after ski shower. It really helps. I have been telling everyone about it!
Thank you sooooo much for making this magical cream, we LOVE it!!!!!

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream
A.I. (Strathalbyn, SA, AU)
Very good topical pain relief

I've found this pain relief cream to quickly remove pain from a knee injury I have. The effect lasts over an hour. I'm pleased that it works so quickly - almost immediately after application.

Kunzea Roll On Liniment
Mark Ham (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Awesome Product!

I have recently undergo knee surgery and came across Zea, after reading all the positive reviews decided to buy 2 different products. Both helped me during recovery and at physio session. Works great and I still applied it while going for a long walks and workouts to strengthen my knee. Thank you

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream
N.N. (Perth, WA, AU)
Kunzea Pain Relief Cream

I was introduced to the cream by a family member and have passed on the gift to several other people since. Besides it being the best cream for the usual aches and pains, when I had Covid, I discovered that by rubbing it across my nose and the top of my cheeks it relieved my sinus/headache pain. I also rubbed it above my eyebrows and down the bridge of my nose. Amazing stuff! Thank you.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Adam Hughes (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Use candle diffuser

It smells good in the lounge room.

Raw Honeycomb
Malak Khider (Sydney, NSW, AU)
raw honeycomb

Honestly the best honeycomb so yummy I love to have it with butter 😋

Thank you all the best

Original Kunzea Cream
Julie Hodgkinson (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Kunzea Cream Original

I bought the wrong cream and it is not doing much for my pain.
But I have been using it on my dogs skin issues that the vet couldn’t give me anything to control his itching. Now he is much happier, sleeping better, eating better because he is not itching.
Yes the issue is still there but the cream is giving him relief. Thank you.

Kunzea Honey
Tauri Huddleston (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
The best honey

I love the flavour and raw goodness of this honey - I feel like it’s doing my health a favour and delighting my taste buds at the same time.

Lime Essential Oil
Yvonne ‍♀️‍♀️ (Gold Coast, QLD, AU)
Fragrant Oils

I bought some essential oils. I like burning them as a soothing scent in our home. Zea oils aren’t sickly or overpowering. Very happy with the 4 fragrances I got. I got the Lavender one too.

Kunzea Roll On Liniment
Heather Jones (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Kunzea roll on oil

Found this product works well for all aches and pains . The roll on makes it easy to apply