7 x Chakra Essential Oil Blends - Complete Set



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Balance your mind, body and spirit with our collection of premium essential oil chakra blends.

Balance your mind, body and spirit with our collection of premium essential oil chakra blends.

Australian Made & Owned100% Pure Essential OilCruelty-Free and No Animal TestingNo Artificial NastiesNo Synthetic FragrancesVegan Friendly

Balance your Mind, Body and Spirit

A chakra — the Sanskrit word for "wheel" — represents a focus or concentration of energy in the body.

There are seven different chakras, corresponding with seven locations in, on and around the body. Each of these Chakra centres governs a unique emotional and spiritual state.

Our premium chakra essential oil blends have been formulated to bring balance to your chakra system. With an oil for every chakra, you have everything you need to maintain positive mental and physical well-being.

They can be diluted in a base oil and applied topically by massaging into the feet or corresponding chakra area throughout the body. Alternatively, add them to an aromatherapy diffuser, bath or foot spa.

The Chakra Essential Oil Collection includes one each of our 7 Pure Chakra Essential Oil Blends: 

  • 1 x Crown Chakra - For Spiritual Connection
  • 1 x Third Eye Chakra - Knowing of Being
  • 1 x Throat Chakra - Harmony to Speech and Voice
  • 1 x Heart Chakra - To Love Beyond the Self
  • 1 x Solar Plexus Chakra - Calms and Brings Peace
  • 1 x Sacral Chakra - Stimulates Desire
  • 1 x Root Chakra - To Earth & Ground

Find your inner peace and balance with this complete collection.

Product Descriptions

Crown Chakra Blend (10ml)

The crown chakra, known as the Sahasrara in Sanskrit, will inspire you to liberate your spirit and place it on the path to transcendence while minimising the influence of life’s roadblocks. Free yourself to reach your highest potential and state of being.

We have formulated our divine crown chakra blend with a unique combination of the following pure essential oils: Lavender, Lime, Frankincense, and Cedarwood.

Third Eye Chakra Blend (10ml)

The third eye chakra, known as the Ajna in Sanskrit, inspires your visionary process and fosters understanding while minimising the cloudiness of illusion and confusion.

We have formulated a beautiful third eye chakra blend with a unique combination of the following pure essential oils: Lavender, Patchouli, Lemon Myrtle, Bergamot and Clary Sage.

Throat Chakra Blend (10ml)

The throat chakra, known as the Vishuddha in Sanskrit, inspires your communicative nature and fosters expression and a sense of calm clarity while minimising self-consciousness and timidity.

We have formulated our divine throat chakra blend with a unique combination of the following pure essential oils: Lavender, Chamomile, Sweet Orange, Peppermint and Basil.

Heart Chakra Blend  (10ml)

The heart chakra, known as the Anahata in Sanskrit, helps activate your emotional centre to foster energy circulation, the expression of love and a sense of empathy while dispelling callousness and anger.

We have formulated our heavenly Heart Chakra Blend with a unique combination of the following pure essentials oils: Bergamot, May Chang, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Palmarosa.

Solar Plexus Chakra Blend (10ml)

The solar plexus chakra, known as the Manipura in Sanskrit, helps invigorate healthy metabolism while minimising the stagnating effects of couch potato syndrome.

We have formulated our divine crown chakra blend with a unique combination of the following pure essential oils: Peppermint, Pine, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Rosemary.

Sacral Chakra Blend (10ml)

The sacral chakra, known as the Swadhisthana in Sanskrit, helps awaken healthy, natural sensual desire while minimising reliance on artificial substitutes for pleasure.

We have formulated our divine sacral chakra blend with a unique combination of the following pure essential oils: Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Petitgrain, and Mandarin.

Root Chakra Blend (10ml)

The root chakra, known as the Muladhara in Sanskrit, helps you establish a life-nourishing bond with the natural world while minimising the de-humanising elements of the often frantic underground pace of modern life.

We have formulated our divine root chakra blend with a unique combination of the following pure essential oils: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, and Cedarwood.


    Avoid contact with eyes.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Store below 30°C in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

    These safety guidelines are not a complete safety reference for the proper use of essential oils. When in doubt, consult your physician and/or a qualified and trained aromatherapy practitioner.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Chakra set and guide book

    Absolutely beautiful oils, I love them all and can’t choose a favourite yet! Excited to use these for me and my family. The guide is great and I have been using it a lot. Will definitely buy from you again! Thank you!

    New Customer

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the oils that were sent, the Kunzea cream and balm we have been using for about a week, can't really say there has been any noticeable difference however I do realise it takes time for these things to work.
    Very happy with the product so far and would highly recommend it, love supporting an Australian Company as well.

    Chakra Healing

    As an Energy Therapist I utilise the Chakra Essential Oil blends throughout my healing sessions. These synergistic blends have produced amazing results, and I would definitely recommend them to others. Speedy delivery and great customer service whenever I have any questions adds to my 5 star rating!

    Zea Relief Essential Oils

    I have been using Zea relief essential oils for a couple of years now and absolutely love them! I use a wide range in our household, especially the Breath Easy and Nirvana with the children. I cannot go a day without my Stress Relief oil, I use it as my perfume, works a treat!
    Thank you Zea Relief, your ongoing support and amazing products have helped us enormously.
    Thanks, Sarah :)

    Chakra oils and guide

    The chakra oils I use with my Chakra treatment. I also use an oil in the diffuser with other treatments to help the client.
    The guide is very informative and helpful. Love it!!

    A must have!

    This is an amazing set for reiki and meditation sessions or to just have going in a diffuser throughout the home.
    Definitely a must have in your collection!

    7 chakra set

    WOW, WOW, WOW. As a holistic practitioner I can not recommend using this set highly enough. I use these throughout various times within a healing session with my clients. After seeing the results from this and how they have enhanced my healings I also now have started buying these oils as gifts for friends.

    Oils and Kunzea cream

    I am very happy with both purchases. The cream helps me deal with my arthritic pain in my shoulder and hands and I love the feel and smell of the cream.

    I use an electronic diffuser to burn my oils and guests to my home comment on how my home always smells calm and welcoming. Depending on what feelings I am trying to evoke determines which oil/s I use each day.

    I am very happy to be able to support a small family Australian owned business.

    Chakra set

    Love this set, beautiful smells. Will be using them in my meditation groups, when doing chakra meditations. Thank you Zea.

    Haven't used them all as yet

    But extremely happy with what i have used and received some lovely comments from family in particularly my gran children who are learning about the essential oils
    Not too early to start. Complimemt to you for a great product