Our Zea Brands

We feel very lucky that we can bring you several health and wellness brands as part of Zea. Each brand embraces our overarching qualities, core values, promises and ethos, while also having their own unique qualities.

Here is a little more information on each of these different brands:

Zea | Relief 

Zea Relief is the first product range in the world to contain the unique therapeutic and aromatic benefits of Kunzea Oil - Tasmania's Best-Kept, Natural Secret! Kunzea Oil is the key active ingredient in our signature range of Zea Relief products for health, wellness and lifestyle. 

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Zea | Essentials

Zea Essentials is our full range of 100% pure essential oils and aromatherapy products. This includes our single origin essential oils, lifestyle blends, chakra blends and aromatherapy Accessories.

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Zea | Gourmet

Zea Gourmet embraces the abundance of Australian Native Honeys, Bushfoods and Condiments. All ingredients have been sustainably and locally sourced.

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Zea Gourmet Kunzea Honey

Zea | Active [COMING SOON]

Launching in 2021, our Zea Active range will be for those within our Zea community living an active lifestyle. Our Zea Active products will be focused on sports recovery and muscle pain relief. They will be for pre & post-workout muscle and body recovery.

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