Zea Zero Waste Recycle Program

Let’s make a difference, together. Recycle your Zea products through our Zero Waste Box™ by TerraCycle®.

Earn discounts and free products by recycling your Zea products

At Zea, we believe in protecting Mother Nature and the gifts she provides. Part of our mission is to be a leading sustainable company. This means cutting waste, sourcing environmentally-friendly ingredients, using recycled materials, and offering opportunities for others to recycle.

As part of our commitment to a cleaner and safer environment, we’ve created the Zea Zero Waste Recycle Program where you can exchange product packaging for Zea Points!

For every 10 products you recycle, you receive 500 Zea Points ($5)

It’s never been so easy to look after Mother Earth. All you need to do is gather up your empty Zea product containers and send them back to us. We’ll pop them in our Zero Waste Box by TerraCycle and recycle them responsibly, so they don’t end up in landfill. You’ll then earn Zea Reward Points that can be used in our online store.

It’s a gift for you, and the planet.

What is the Zea Zero Waste Box?

We are recycling our products with TerraCycle® via their Zero Waste Box™ solution. They are a global leader in recycling the unrecyclable to prevent products from ending up in landfill, instead allowing them to be sorted, processed and transformed into something new.

With a Zero Waste Box, we can ensure that any empty Zea product packaging you return to us will be repurposed into new recycled plastic products.


Why Did We Decide To Recycle With Terracycle?

We believe it is incredibly important that as a business we take responsibility for the lifecycle of our products..

After going through our recycling options, we found that TerraCycle is a world leader in diverting millions of pounds of valuable resources from landfills worldwide.

We also loved the fact that TerraCycle is able to turn all of our product packaging waste into raw materials that make things like playgrounds, shampoo bottles, garden beds and so much more!

We are so excited to join their mission and help our beautiful earth thrive, with your help.

Which Products Can I Recycle Through The Zero Waste Program?

*Note: Cardboard and paper packaging is recyclable through regular Council recycling. Please do not include these in your collections for this program.

Download our Zero Waste Recycling Program pdf to see what can and cannot be recycled.

Which products and packaging can I recycle through my own home recycle bin?
All Zea postal packaging.

*Note: Currently, Zea product packaging cannot be recycled through your local council.

Ok I’m in! How can I join the program and help make the world a better place? We have two easy options for you!


1. Collect as much empty Zea packaging as possible (we recommend a minimum of 10 products to send back so you can receive 500 Zea Points)

2. Make sure the products are as empty as possible. Don’t worry about cleaning the containers prior to sending as it’s more water-efficient for TerraCycle to do it in bulk at their facilities.

3. Put all of your used packaging into a box and seal up.

4. Complete this form before mailing your package so we can add Zea Points to your account.

5. Mail your used packaging back to us.

Zea Recycling Program
PO Box 2292
Mount Waverley VIC 3149

6. After we have processed your recyclables, we will award you Zea Points to your Zea Rewards account and notify you of receipt via email.

Please note: You are responsible for shipping fees, however, you will receive Zea Points that you can use to receive discounts and free products when you shop at Zea. To ensure your package arrives here, we recommend sending tracked delivery as we can’t credit you for any parcels that go missing.


You can bring the used packaging to any events we are attending and put it into our Zero Waste Box at our stall.

Simply give us your details while you are there and we will add Zea Points to your Zea Rewards account.

We will keep you updated on upcoming events on social media and in our eNewsletters, so make sure you’re following us at @zearelief and subscribe to our list here.

Have more questions? Email us at hello@zea.com.au and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Thanks for helping us give back to the planet. Every little bit counts.